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Sunday 23 October 2022

Rex predicts electric planes will cut flight costs

Australian regional airline Rex is predicting operating costs for short flights will fall by as much as 50% with the introduction of electric- and hydrogen-powered planes.

Rex will begin trials in 2024 of planes with retrofitted electric engines on short regional routes, Travel Mole reports.

It says that it expects electric- powered flights on shorter routes will be operational within a decade.

“We will do experiments with a real plane in 2024, where we will swap out the existing engine, which burns jet fuel,” Rex deputy chairman John Sharp said.

“We’ll also install an electric motor powered by batteries and hydrogen.”

Rex has partnered with manufacturer Dovetail Electric Aviation for the trials.

The converted aircraft will be tested on routes of about an hour, including Sydney-Wagga Wagga and Sydney-Coffs Harbour.

“It will require all of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s permits to ensure it is completely safe,” Sharp said.

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