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Monday 10 October 2022

Walk Like a Tasmanian

Not that long ago bush walks were something you did to escape and spend some time on your own.

Then, suddenly, they became a group event.

Among the early group walking tour companies was Freycinet Experience Walk in Tasmania, who are are celebrating their 30-year milestone.

The company helped pioneer pack-free multi-day hikes.

The Freycinet Experience Walk’s are operated from an eco-lodge base - Friendly Beaches Lodge - which tucked into the landscape.

“I think what strikes people is that simple structure sitting lightly in the landscape," says Delia Nicholls, former Tourism Tasmania Manager of Destination Promotion. 

"And that you can walk a pristine white beach and just see animals and birds and shells. You can't find that in many places in the world any more.” 

Founded by Joan Masterman in 1992, Freycinet Experience Walk is a four-day eco-certified walk along the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's east coast, including Wineglass Bay.


On the trail, walkers are are immersed in indigenous stories; the area once a rich food bowl for local tribes.

Back at the lodge, the menu highlights the ‘bush tucker’ influence of the surrounding landscape.

For more information visit Freycinet Experience Walk

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