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Thursday 20 October 2022

Meet Tasmania's newest wine brand

Goaty Hill was one of the Tamar Valley's standout producers, making excellent wines across the board, among them one of Tasmania's consistently finest rieslings.

Goaty Hill was sold a while back and in its place has emerged Small Wonder, a new brand with experienced operators at the helm.

CEO Paul McArdle and winemaker Andrew Trio are transitioning the former Goaty Hill vineyards to organic practices and have released their first wines - along with opening a refreshed cellar - in time for spring.

The Small Wonder wines have launched ahead of their sister brand - Wayfinder Wines, which is due to debut in mid 2023 in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Trio will split his time between the two states. He was head winemaker at boutique winery Corliss Estates in Walla Walla, Washington state, for decade, returning to Australia in 2018.

Small Wonder's publicity blurb says it will focus on "responsibly made, small-production wines that come from a vineyard with a focus on sustainability and growing exceptional fruit".

These first releases include riesling, pinot noir and chardonnay with 2022 rosé, sauvignon blanc, and pinot gris just coming onto the market.

CEO McArdle has worked for several leading Margaret River producers, as well as with Must Wine Bar in Perth.

“Small Wonder is committed to making everything we touch better," he says.

"With the rare opportunity to build two wine businesses from scratch, we feel it’s an obligation to be committed to better practices, better vineyards, better processes, and better wines.

"Ultimately we want to make small local efforts that connect us to the movement that brings global change; and that connects us to our community - all while creating interesting wines that celebrate the vineyards.”

Currently in transition to becoming certified organic, Small Wonder is working towards achieving carbon neutral status and using 100% green energy.

Small Wonder wines are available to purchase now from I will be doing a tasting over the next few weeks to see how they stack up.

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