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Sunday 19 September 2021

Is Red Bull full of bull?

It is probably fair to say that only a moron in a hurry would be confused between the sickly energy drinks global giant Red Bull and boutique English gin distillery Bullards. 

The Austrian-based global behomoth is claiming, however, that the use of “Bull” in the Bullards name is a theat to its brand. 

The BBC reports that Norwich-based Bullards has been told there was a "likelihood of confusion on behalf of the public" as both brand names "include the term bull".

Red Bull is opposing an application to register the mark Bullards before the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Bullards, originally founded in 1837, said the claim was "ludicrous". 

In a legal letter, Red Bull said it was "prepared to resolve this dispute" if Bullards deleted a series of goods and services from its trademark application and registration, including energy drinks, events and non-alcoholic beverages.

"Our client recognises that your client's brand stems from a historical family business and so it has asked us to highlight that it does not want to prevent your client from doing anything it has historically done," the letter said. 

“What they're claiming is ludicrous," said Russell Evans of Bullards. 

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