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Sunday 26 September 2021

Whisky-accented wine stars as Jacob's Creek goes a little bit fancy


When Jacob's Creek first launched its Double Barrel wines I was a little bit sceptical. 

Wines aged/finished in whisky barrels? Who would that appeal to? 

A few years down the track the concept has proved a huge success, with the range now expanded to four different Double Barrel wines. 

The Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Collection now showcases a chardonnay, shiraz, shiraz cabernet blend and a cabernet sauvignon, all finished in a combination of aged whisky barrels leaving each wine with a unique oak flavour. 

The 2018 shiraz, 2019 shiraz cabernet and 2018 chardonnay are finished in Scotch whisky barrels, while Irish whiskey barrels are used for the 2018 cabernet sauvignon. 

Whisky barrels with narrower staves and extra toast allow the tannins and fruit to integrate more readily and impart more flavour.

I also think winemaker Dan Swincer (above) and his team have got more knowledge of working with different barrels and the new releases are better, more integrated, wines as a result. 

"Perfecting this range took much perseverance and persistence," Swincer says. 

The wines are available from all good liquor retailers for RRP $27.00.

The standouts for me are the shiraz, where the powerful fruit offers an ideal foil for the oak characters; and the shiraz cabernet, which shows darker spice notes and paired well with a spicy roast chicken dish.


My wife, with an aversion to obvious oak, gave the nod to the well-balanced chardonnay, where ripe stone fruit flavours still shone through - and it also paired well with the chicken dish. 

The cabernet sauvignon is probably best paired with aged Cheddar cheese, while the shiraz calls out for a hearty winter stew. 

Something different. Something a little bit fancy for the whisky-loving wine drinker in your life. 

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