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Friday 10 September 2021

Airline fires tardy cabin crew over failure to vaccinate

Hong Kong-based international airline Cathay Pacific has sacked cabin crew who failed to get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

The airline had set an August 31 deadline for cabin staff to provide proof of vaccination or face disciplinary action.

On September 1, it began proceedings against an estimated 80 unvaccinated cabin crew who had not presented vaccination proof or medical exemptions for not receiving the vaccine.

The airline said it let go "a small number' of cabin crew employees.

"It is clear to us all now that Covid-19 is a terrible virus and that keeping our customers, communities and families safe is of the utmost importance," the airline told The Standard newspaper.

"The pandemic has also had a huge impact on us operationally and border controls around the world have dramatically reduced our ability to operate with unvaccinated aircrew."


Cathay said all its flights have been operated with fully vaccinated crews as standard since September 1.

The airline's ground crew have until October 1 to supply vaccination proof or a valid exemption.

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