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Thursday 2 May 2024

Nando's forgets it is in the hospitality business


I love a Nando's peri-peri chicken meal. Extra hot. Preferably with a side of fries and some coleslaw. 

Unfortunately, the South African fast food company has forgotten that the food business is also the hospitality business. 

Nando's refuses to accept cash for any purchases in Australia.

It is firm about its policy: 

"No order will be processed without payment and no cash payments will be accepted," it says.

So Nando's just lost me and - I suspect - a whole lot of other customers. I have credit cards up the wazoo. A debit card, too. 

But sometimes I have cash and want to spend it. 

And I am not keen on being told that legal tender is not acceptable. And there are old folk, poor folk, who maybe want to spend some small change.

So Nando's, you're cancelled.

It's so simple. There are a lot of businesses selling chicken in many guises.

If Nando's doesn't want your cash then you can just walk straight back out and find another local business open to all forms of payment. One that caters for its customers. 

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