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Thursday 30 May 2024

Chocolate treats set to pop up at Soul Origin


So you have a sweet tooth?

You like hot and cold drinks and you love chocolate?

The Soul Origin chain this week launched a new partnership with Swiss chocolatier Lindt that will see Soul Origin introduce a new range of drinks that "blend the rich, velvety goodness of Lindt LINDOR with some signature beverages".

What to expect, then?

Soul Origin is offering two flavours in its 'Made With Lindt LINDOR' drink range.

Think drinks ranging from classic milk chocolate to a more exotic dulce de leche.

Clients simply choose their desired temperature, and whether they'd like their drink with or without espresso.

The drinks are available across all Soul Origin stores nationwide from now until July 14 at iced ($9.50), small ($5.40), regular ($6.20), and large ($6.80). 

Soul Origin has over 150 stores across Australia. See

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