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Wednesday 8 May 2024

Cracking the code of Pina Colada in a can

A bar quality cocktail for $11? You must be dreaming.

But Curatif, makers of award-winning pre-mix cocktails in a can, today release their new Piña Colada cocktails for $45 for a four-pack. Perfect for a night in beside the fire. Or after you've been caught in the rain.

Think fruity pineapple, roasted coconut, and coconut cream tones. 

Oh, and rum from two of the top estates in the world: Appleton Estate Signature Rum and Ron Colón Salvadoreño. 

"Our latest cocktail has been a labour of love that we've loved labouring over," says Curatif founder and managing director Matt Sanger. 

"Coconut is having a real moment and it’s great to see a resurgence of this most loved and nostalgic cocktail. 

"A Piña Colada can be a hard one to crack in a ready-to-drink format because of the complexity of the ingredients. 

"But while staying true to the authenticity of the recipe but we have mastered a Piña Colada that is truly bar quality. 

"What sets Curatif apart is our use of real ingredients - the freshest of pineapples, the creamiest of coconuts and the delicious blend of quality rums.

“The Piña Colada has been our most requested cocktail - we've released a few different iterations in The Club (Curatif’s subscription program) over the last couple of years and it's developed a cult following. There's not many cocktails that are so evocative, so fun, and so irreverent and giddy as a Piña Colada." 

The good news: the GoTR tasting team felt it really did taste like a quality cocktail. It’s vibrant, joyous and seriously refreshing. Thumbs up. 

Curatif’s Piña Colada joins the canned cocktail line-up of Tommy’s Margarita, Archie Rose Espresso Martini, Bar Bambi Amaretto Sour and Savile Row Cosmopolitan. 

Available from or bottle shops with a RRP of $45 for a four-pack. 

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