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Thursday 25 January 2024

UN tourism organisation splashes cash on a global scale

Farewell to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Hello to UN Tourism. 

Yep. Another rebranding that sounds like it cost a whole lot of money. 

But there is a whole lot of hype to back up the name change. 

"The new brand expression is not only limited to words and messages but also expands into a reinvented visual discourse," says a rather wordy press release explaining the change. 

"UN Tourism has a new design language starting from its symbol. Bringing the world closer' is the new tagline that inspires the concept of a Pangea shaping a human figure in action. 

"This drastic evolution from the former aseptic globe symbol signals the profound humanistic change within the organization. Beyond the symbol, the rebrand also includes a revamp of the entire visual system, which is now based on a grid of geographical coordinates meant to help people navigate the brand’s touchpoints, both offline and online, such as events, website, reports, social media channels and campaigns."


But they are not finished. 

"This system unlocks a rich universe of elements including imagery, fonts, colors, and pictograms all designed to personalize social media campaigns, events, posts, and videos. The new brand will be gradually implemented across all UN Tourism touchpoints over the next few months, beginning with digital channels such as the website, social media accounts and newsletters, followed by physical spaces such as offices and events, and elements such as reports and station."

Apparently the new name and brands sees "the organization aim to reaffirm its status as the global leader of tourism for development, driving social and economic change to ensure that 'people and planet' are always center stage."

Leading global branding agency Interbrand was charged with creating "a new visual identity and brand narrative". 

This involved renaming the institution, transitioning from UNWTO to UN Tourism. 

"At the same time, a new brand narrative was meticulously crafted, one that seamlessly aligns with UN Tourism’s central mission and priorities."

The only thing we are not told is how much it cost. 

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