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Tuesday 23 January 2024

Flight cancelled after pilot found with taser

Americans like to be well armed.
It is, of course, their God-given right to be armed to the teeth. 

Even international airline pilots, apparently. 

A flight from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Newark, outside New York, was cancelled over the weekend after airport security discovered a taser in the pilot's bag. 

The pilot was scheduled to fly the United Airlines plane but instead found himself under arrest and facing firearms charges. 

Non-police issued tasers are illegal in the UK unlike in Bumfluff, Iowa, or wherever the 56-year-old pilot comes from. 

The airline said the pilot was "removed from service" leading to the last minute cancelation of the flight.

“We are fully cooperating with local authorities,” the airline said.

The US Federal Flight Deck Officer program allows certain qualified pilots to carry firearms in the cockpit to defend against hijacking attempts.

The service disruption left passengers unable to get back across the Atlantic on time. 

Image: Jan Niepel, 

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