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Friday 26 January 2024

Special treats for Margarita Month

Cocktail lovers have a full 29 days to celebrate Margarita Month, which runs throughout February.

Pre-mix artists Curatif are urging tequila lovers to embrace their inner cocktail connoisseur with a limited-edition Masterita Box available in February only. Then they ride off into the Mexican sunset.

Curatif has released six incarnations of its ready-to-serve Margarita formats: Salted Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Blue, Mango, and Mezcalita, in a box that yields a dozen agave spirit cocktails.

The range of flavours features a hand-picked selection of premium tequilas, mezcals and liqueurs from makers including Tequila Tromba, Los Arcos, Ilegal Mezcal and Melbourne’s own Marionette.

Curatif, regular readers will recall, was named 2023 RTD Producer of the Year at the prestigious IWSC Awards in London - the second year in a row it had triumphed.

“We’re mad for margaritas," says Curatif founder Matt Sanger. "I mean, really we love all cocktails, but a great margarita is a time-machine that transports you from a dreary Thursday to a sandy-toed, sun-drenched afternoon on the beach.

"We spent years getting our Tommy’s Margarita perfect before we launched, and I think that relentless pursuit of better than bar quality has been the perfect foundation for this project."

An instant success since launching in 2019, Curatif is 100% Australian and produced locally in Melbourne, with all of the brand’s packaging being recyclable and mostly made from recycled products.

“We have launched the Masterita box so that cocktail lovers can enjoy impeccably crafted and convenient cocktails wherever they are celebrating this Margarita Month - from a dinner party with friends to date night," says Sanger.

Curatif’s Masterita Box is exclusively available on during Margarita Month for an RRP of $130.00 (box of 12).

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