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Thursday 4 January 2024

Novel excuse for lengthy flight delay

Passengers on board a flight scheduled to travel from Birmingham Airport to Doha in Qatar were this week delayed for several hours because the pilot and other crew members were stuck in a lift.

The Qatar Airways air crew had to be freed from the elevator by firefighters, delaying the flight for four hours, industry newsletter Travel Mole reported.

The pilot and crew were in the malfunctioning lift for well over three hours.

Passengers were given refreshment vouchers but there were complaints about disorganisation and a lack of updates given by airport staff.

Many passengers missed onward connections and faced long queues for meal vouchers and rebooking assistance.

“At 6am, airline crew members reported becoming stuck in one of our temporary lifts, the airport said in a statement.

“With our lift contractor unable to reactivate the lift system, West Midlands Fire Service removed a panel to allow the crew out just before 9.30am.

“We are very sorry to the airline crew members and customers affected by this.”

Image: Visit Birmingham 

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