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Monday 1 January 2024

Scammers never sleep. The latest ruse to separate you from your money

Throughout 2023 anyone signing on to Facebook was offered the chance to win a free campervan that some kind company was giving away because it had "a few dents".

All they needed was a few of your details.

There was a similar offer to enter a competition to win an eco-friendly tiny home - just a few details needed.

And as we enter 2024 there is a new variation. And, yes, of course it is a scam.

This time Sydney Airport is advising that as it has no storage space for lost luggage it is selling consignment suitcases containing various items and electronics for just $3.

And a whole lot of people have been delighted with the surprise suitcase they have purchased.

Yet another scheme to part fools from their details - and their money.

To order, all you have to is click on the button in the advert and go to the website.

Despite Facebook having been advised about the scam, the fake post and link to the fake website were still there 24 hours ago.

And Sydney Airport was not happy.

“We would urge everyone to stay vigilant to social media scams and only trust information from Sydney Airport’s official verified accounts,” a Sydney Airport spokesman said. 

Oh, and the Korean National Oil Company is sending out emails offering a great financial deal. just for you. 

One rule to remember people. If an offer sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Make being sceptical a new year resolution.

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