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Thursday 18 January 2024

Sophisticated scammers find new ways to get your money

It seems to be a busy time of the year for scammers.

Just this morning my mobile phone pinged, announcing the arrival of yet another scam message designed to part me from my cash.

This one was ostensibly from Australia Post, although the poor grammar, Americanisms and strange address were a giveaway for anyone bar an idiot in a hurry.

It read: Australia - Post Center: Your parcel has not arrived, need timely verification, please click on or will be refunded!

And, of course there was a handy link for me to click on. No thanks. Blocked.

Then I was reading the morning paper to be alerted to another fraud: Australian Open Fans Targeted by Scammers Selling Fake Tickets

This one involves deceptive online websites that mimic official ticket distributors, using very similar URLs to dupe fans into buying counterfeit tickets or divulging personal information.

This week I have also received several emails from suspicious-looking email addresses seeking to confirm accommodation that has been "booked" with me.

They go along these lines: Greetings, I would like to book a Single Standard Room, for the dates from March 4, to March 8, 2024. Could you please confirm the current availability and share information on the pricing? Thanks.

You respond, as most decent people would, saying there has been an error and that you do not have accommodation.

But they persist: Hi! I've booked a room successfully, but my card hasn't been charged. Despite the confirmed reservation, I'm concerned about a potential cancellation. Could you check my details through the provided reservation page link? Your support is greatly appreciated!

How polite. But if you are silly enough to click on the link your computer will be uploaded with malware. 

Let's be careful out there people.

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