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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Let's all go for a Chuck

Australians love their Maccas. But will they soon be loving going for a Chuck? 

US pizza chain Chuck E. Cheese has announced plans to expand Down Under - but I wonder if they know what they are letting themselves in for.

Let the Macquarie Dictionary explain with this definition: "Chuck means, among other things, to vomit, as in he chucked up on my carpet!"

OK. Given the Australian sense of humour, Chuck E. Cheese might well find itself the butt of some jokes. 

Anyway, the company has signed a deal with the West Australia-based Royale Hospitality, which operates Perth's Planet Royale venue.

The agreement aims to "redefine family entertainment across Australia" by introducing a reimagined Chuck E. Cheese kid-centric experience that combines pizza with interactive play and activities.

"Chuck E. Cheese is a powerful global brand [well not in Australia - and is 19 countries really global?] that transcends language and cultural boundaries, centred around the timeless essence of family fun," chief operating officer Mario Centola said in a statement. 

"We are thrilled to bring the magic of Chuck E. Cheese to Australia and to collaborate with the Royale Hospitality Group, a partner that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional family experiences."

Ray Strauss, managing director of Royale Hospitality, said the group looked forward to tailoring the US-mega brand for the Australian market.

"This is a momentous step towards establishing Chuck E. Cheese as the premier destination for families seeking an unparalleled kid-centric entertainment and dining experience," said Strauss.

"I am thrilled, along with my dedicated team, to embark on this exciting journey, taking Chuck E. Cheese to the next level throughout all of Australia."

Founded in 1977 in Texas, Chuck E. Cheese has a mouse mascot.

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