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Tuesday 12 December 2023

Penfolds Grange still reigns but Aussies are cellaring more and more chardonnay

Australians love to cellar their favourite wines; and Penfolds Grange remains the most collected wine in the country.

New data centred on over one million bottles cellared by Australia's largest wine storage provider, Wine Ark, has revealed the 50 most collected wines in Australia and that more chardonnays are being cellared than before.

The official listing of Wine Ark’s Most Collected Wines of 2023 shows that Penfolds Grange is Australia’s most collected wine; by state, South Australian wines are the most popular among collectors; and by region the Barossa Valley dominates, followed by Hunter Valley.

Shiraz remains the most collected variety, followed by chardonnay.

You can access the list of the top 50 wines here.

Penfolds Grange has consistently achieved either first or second place since the inaugural Wine Ark list in 2006.

“Due to the number of bottles in the count, it takes a large change to shift wines in the top 10," says John Cuff, head of Wine Ark.

"This year, six wines in the top 10 adjusted positions. This is the second edition in a row that sees Penfolds Grange be the most collected wine in Australia, which is also one of the country’s most expensive wines, again emphasising the importance of this iconic wine to Australian wine collectors.

Cuff said the results showed a shift away from some traditional favourites.

“We are seeing a big shift away from many of the classic old cellar staples such as Penfolds, Wynns, Seppelt and Lindemans, towards cooler-climate producers such as Tolpuddle, Mount Mary, Yarra Yering and Crawford River,” he said.

“What is also interesting is the vast number of bottles of collectable chardonnay being stored by Australian collectors in this edition, spearheaded by perennial favourite Leeuwin Estate as the ninth most collected wine with its Art Series Chardonnay.

"Other producers, such as Giaconda, Tolpuddle, Lakes Folly, Pierro and Mount Mary all saw large positional gains for their chardonnays.”

Standish made the most significant leap in this year’s rankings, with The Standish Shiraz climbing 100 positions to reach 46, marking its debut in the top 50.

Joining this inaugural entry were other notable movers, including Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay, rising an impressive 66 places, Crawford River Riesling moving up by 59 places, and Thomas Wines debuting with the Braemore Hunter Valley Semillon, securing the 40th spot on the most collected list.

“While full-bodied wines from South Australia are always popular, it is clear that there is a distinct shift in Australian wine cellars towards more elegant, cool-climate wines from small, boutique winemakers,” Cuff said.

All the details of Australia’s Most Collected Wines can be found at

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