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Friday 22 December 2023

Winemaker wants you to drop an ice cube into a glass of his wines

It's OK to drop a cube of ice into your glass of wine on a warm day, one leading winemaker says. 

But not all wines - just fresh, crisp white wines. 
"Some wine enthusiasts might scoff, some may question me, but once you try it this summer, I bet you'll be on board." says veteran winemaker David Lowe, formerly of the Hunter Valley and now based in Mudgee at Lowe Family Wines. 

"What am I referring to you? Popping a large ice cube in your glass of white wine this summer. 

"Now, I'm not claiming this is a new trick, and there's plenty of wine out there where if you add an ice cube to it, yes it will chill it, but in doing so it also compromises the structure, flavour and alcohol of the wine through dilution. 

"What I'm banging on about, after much experimentation, is that I have found two varieties that are not diminished when I put an ice cube or two in the glass: ansonica (also called inzolia) and vermentino, both from the 2023 vintage.

"The ice chills the wine, whilst keeping the same aroma and intensity of colour, and the taste is just as good, maybe even better. If you're a non- believer, I challenge you to grab a bottle."

Of course, it just so happens that Lowe makes an ansonica and a vermentino that he would very much like to sell to you. 

But it is also a reminder than wine snobbery can also be foolish and self-defeating. 

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