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Sunday 31 December 2023

Lufthansa makes major investment in new aircraft

German airline Lufthansa is extremely confident about the future of the aviation industry, making a major investment in new planes.

The Lufthansa Group has announced the order of 80 new "highly efficient" short- and medium-haul aircraft and agreed on a further 120 purchasing options.

Lufthansa has signed for the purchase of 40 Boeing 737-8 MAX with 60 purchasing options; the purchase of 40 Airbus A220-300s for Lufthansa City Airlines and 20 purchasing options as well as purchasing options for 40 aircraft from the Airbus A320 group. 

Deliveries will be made from 2026 to 2032 with the cost of the firm orders totalling around $US9 billion. 

"With this aircraft order, we are accelerating the largest fleet modernisation in our company's history," said Dr Detlef Kayser, member of the executive board, fleet and technology: 

This increases our order list of around 200 aircraft to 280 – plus an additional 120 purchasing options for further state-of-the-art short- and medium-haul aircraft. 

"We are pleased that both Airbus and Boeing were able to convince us on all commercial and technological aspects. 

"In addition to this, the decision for the Boeing 737-8 MAX will also give us more flexibility for the procurement of short- and medium-haul aircraft in the future. The new ultra-modern aircraft offer our guests additional comfort. They are also quieter, more economical, more efficient, and emit up to 30 percent less CO2 than their predecessor models. 

"The order demonstrates our airlines' future viability and ability to invest, and it shows that we are living up to our responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions."

With a current fleet of more than 700 commercial aircraft, the Lufthansa Group says it is pursuing "a long-term fleet strategy focused on cost efficiency and reducing emissions". 

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  1. I am surprised by the B737-8 Max order. They must have been 'cheap'. Generally German people are 'big' and they will find the aircraft uncomfortable compared to the A320.