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Sunday 24 December 2023

How to combine your vacation with doing some good


Forget being lazy by the pool with a cocktail in your hand. 

One leading international hotelier says more and more travellers are looking for "compelling experiences" as part of their vacation experiences. 

Community involvement, protecting the environment and wellbeing will be key elements of travel in 2024 says Alma Resort Cam Ranh’s managing director Herbert Laubichler-Pichler, who has spent his entire career in the travel industry. 

Laubichler-Pichler says he and his team had created compelling experiences for 2024 to encourage holidaymakers to volunteer alongside the resort workers and give back to local communities in Vietnam. 

For example, guests can spend a morning with volunteers who cook meals and feed disadvantaged school children after class in a nearby community.

“Some holidaymakers like to kick back by the pool, and that’s perfectly fine, but we understand others are keen to bring extra depth to their trip in a kind-hearted way,” he said. 

“We’ve organised some half- and full-day volunteering opportunities for guests and staff. You get a real sense of the local community and feel rewarded doing your bit to help.”

Alma is in the process of implementing what is believed to be Vietnam’s most ambitious solar power project, installing 4470 solar panels totalling 23,290 square metres on the roofs of its 196 pavilions, two V-shaped towers housing 384 suites, lobby lounge and utility building. 

The solar power system will fuel between a quarter to 35% of Alma’s energy needs, depending on occupancy dictated by the low and high seasons.

The resort is also part of the “End Plastic Soup in Cam Ranh” campaign, attracting volunteers to collect plastic from Long Beach to be upcycled. 

Laubichler-Pichler says wellness tourism will continue to be a huge focus for the travel industry in the post-pandemic era. 

Alma’s Le Spa will soon roll out an array of wellness experiences including new wellness retreats and journeys up to three days long encompassing spa therapies, singing bowl meditation, power yoga, health drinks and more.

Not for me, but a nice idea. 

In a bid to be more sustainable and self-sufficient, Alma this year unveiled its own on-site herb garden, nursery garden and chicken farm, providing fresh produce and eggs served at Alma’s restaurants. 

“Our resort has started running complimentary guided garden tours to equip guests with handy tips on how to nurture their own veggie patch and look after chickens,” said Laubicher-Pichler. 

“Alma is also planning to roll out cooking classes by the garden, where guests pick, clean, and cook their own healthy meals.”

The resort’s Asiana restaurant is set to offer a vegan menu and vegan buffets in 2024.

“There are so many things hotels and resorts can do in the new year to not only boost the guest experience and guests’ health but also help the community and protect the environment; we hope to set a good example and encourage other hotels to take a leaf out of our book so that the hotel industry is a genuine force for change,” Laubichler-Pichler said.

Alma is situated on Vietnam’s emerging Cam Ranh peninsula fronting Long Beach and has 30 hectares of land. See

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