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Tuesday 26 December 2023

Margaret River has a new dining destination

Heading for Margaret River?

A new restaurant with a positive pedigree has opened its doors on the main street of the township.

The former owners of now closed Arimia Estate - Evan Hayter (above) and Ann Spencer - are behind the new venture.

Described as "the next incarnation of Arimia, but distinctly different,” the 35-seat eatery will be open for dinner Wednesdays to Saturdays.

What will stay the same is growing and sourcing high-quality, local, organic produce "from suppliers who cared deeply for the land" including high-end West Australian ingredients like abalone, Waygu beef, marron and uni (sea urchin).

The food offering is primarily à la carte with a "trust the chef" set menu also available.

Menu listings are sharp and to the point: carrot and seaweed, perhaps, crab salad, brioche and caviar or 
Wagyu, lardo and cabbage (below). 

Or maybe bbq butterflied whole prawns, squid and sobrasada sauce; saffron risotto, poached mussels; or dry-aged pork chop, sumac aioli. 

“The approach will be seasonal, refined dining… but the mood will be darker, more intimate,” says executive chef Hayter.

“Guests would come back to Arimia because it stood for something”, says Spencer. “Evan is deeply passionate about where his ingredients come from - how they’re grown and reared, and ensuring they’re sourced from like-minded producers who share our values.

“We forged a unique partnership at Arimia, and overcame a lot of challenges. de’sendent is the evolution of an important story, and represents our determination to share our dining philosophy with the world.” 

On the spelling of de’sendent, Hayter said that Arimia was a mash-up of Spencer’s daughters' names but was often misspelled.

“We’ve continued that tradition by deliberately misspelling de’sendent. The apostrophe’s just to mess with people.” Hmm.

The venue will be adults only and will also be available for private dining/exclusive use subject to availability.

Reservations at

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