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Monday 5 June 2023

d'Arenberg walks the sustainability walk

Sustainability and being a good corporate citizen are key elements to success in the wine business today.

Wine drinkers not only want a good drop at a f air price, they also want to know their favourite wineries are doing the write thing.

McLaren Valle producer d'Arenberg has just managed a hat-trick of achievements: certification by Sustainable Wine Growing Australia, committing to Carbon Net-Zero by 2035 and embarking on a Reconciliation Action Plan with Reconciliation Australia.

The family owned and operated wine producer said the national Sustainable Wine Growing Australia program "supports the Australian wine community in delivering world-leading sustainability practices across environmental, social, and economic parameters".

Additionally, d'Arenberg has set itself the goal of achieving certification for carbon net-zero emissions by 2035, ahead of the national target of 2050.

d'Arenberg is also working with Reconciliation Australia to create its first RAP.

The ‘Reflect’ RAP is about developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
stakeholders, deciding on a vision for reconciliation and exploring the "d’Arenberg sphere
of influence".

Chester Osborn (above), the fourth-generation family winemaker at d'Arenberg, said: "Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our environmental footprint.

"We're proud to be working with Reconciliation Australia on our first RAP, which we believe will help foster unity and mutual respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and wider

"Together with our SWA certification and carbon net zero emissions target, we are taking significant steps towards our ongoing journey of sustainability and reconciliation."

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