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Friday 16 June 2023

Ryanair imposes booze ban on Brits behaving badly


Ryanair has a reputation as a "cheap and cheerful" budget airline - but even they have their limits.

Infuriated by misbehaviour from passengers flying to party island Ibiza, Ryanair has banned the carrying of duty-free alcohol on all its flights from UK airports to the destination.

The airline imposed the rule after what it described as "several anti-social incidents", Travel Mole reported.

The airline has emailed all customers booked on future Ibiza flights telling them any duty-free alcohol must be checked in - which would be a major blow for airport duty-free outlets located after check-in.

Any passengers attempting to smuggle alcohol into the cabin could be removed from the flight with no refund, Ryanair said.

One booze-fuelled incident led to 15 people being kicked off a flight earlier this year and causes a five-hour delay.

More recently, a man on a stag weekend apparently woke up inside an overhead baggage compartment on a flight.

The new rule is "to prioritise the comfort and safety of all passengers," Ryanair said.

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