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Sunday 4 June 2023

Why the wine industry needs to keep it simple

Wine drinkers know what they like, but are also sometimes put off by complicated jargon and technical terms.

One certain way to have people rolling their eyes, or worse nodding off, is to talk about diurnal variation, or different clones, or by using long, unfamiliar foreign names.

One or two per cent of wine lovers are into arcane details. Most are not. KISS.

And while both Germany and Austria produce some stunning wines - and the vineyards can be picture postcard perfect (above) - the way they are marketed does not always help. 

Some English-speaking drinkers simply cannot identify with phrases like auslese, beerenauslese or trockenbeerenauslese.

Take the press release I received this week about the Thermenregion in Austria being granted appellation status.

Most Australian drinkers are probably not familiar with the rotgipfler and zierfandler grapes; or the three different tiers from the region: Gebietswein (regional wine), Ortswein (villages wine) and Riedenwein (single-vineyard wine).

But wait, there is more.

The press release earnestly states: "From the 2023 vintage onwards, wines from the politically divided cadastral municipalities of Pfaffstätten, Traiskirchen, Guntramsdorf and Mödling can be sold as 'Thermenregion DAC Gumpoldskirchen'.

Try as I might, I just can't imagine anyone walking into their local bar and asking for "a glass of Thermenregion DAC Gumpoldskirchen please". Which is a pity.

Perhaps Blue Nun was not a bad idea after all.

Image: Ried Mandel-Höh, Gumpoldskirchen, Thermenregion. ÖWM/Robert Herbst

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