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Tuesday 20 June 2023

No fatties: meet the airline clamping down on overweight flight attendants

Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines is at the centre of a storm after it imposed body weight limits for flight attendants. 

The airline has been subject to criticism after it introduced a new rule which requires cabin crew to weigh no more than a ‘standard limit’ or face grounding, Travel Mole reported. 

The rules cover a height and weight ratio and attendants 5% or less over the limit will have their weight monitored monthly. Those heavier would be grounded and put on a "weight-reduction plan",  Chinese media reported.

The airline says the rule applies to both males and females.

The standard is ‘based on the human body weight reference and matched with the healthy weight range measurement for the crew’ the airline said.

“This is intended to advocate healthy living habits and maintain a good professional image and healthy physique.” 

The rule has sparked angry responses on social media, heavily critical of the airline.

CNN, meanwhile, reported that other Asian airlines have made headlines in recent years for imposing weight rules on cabin crew. They include Air India and Pakistan International. 

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