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Monday 26 September 2022

Meet Tasmania's newest sparkling wine label

Tasmania has a brand new range of premium sparkling wines. 

Fogarty Wine Group this week announced the launch of its new Tasmanian sparkling wine label, Thalia, which features an NV, Rosé and Reserve Cuvée. 

The wines are handcrafted using the traditional method and the name originates from the Greek mythology figure Thalia, the goddess of comedy, dance and idyllic poetry. 

The publicity blurb talks the wines up big time, saying: The Thalia NV, Rosé and Reserve Cuvée redefine the finest sparkling wines from Tasmania and reflect the pristine environment and terroir of Australia’s coolest winemaking region."

Chief Winemaker Liam McElhinney’s passion for cool-climate winemaking led him to Tasmania in 2019 where he joined the Fogarty Wine Group at Tasmanian Vintners. 

“I’m really excited to be launching this very special range of sparkling wines," he said. 

"Each of the Thalia wines offer a unique window into just how amazing Tasmania can be for world-class méthode traditionnelle. From the freshness and instant appeal of the NV, to the complex toastiness of the Reserve Cuvée, these wines showcase just how important careful viticulture, meticulous winemaking and patience is when crafting superb sparkling wines."

I have not yet tried the wines, but will report back when I have. 

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