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Wednesday 21 September 2022

China to open massive wine museum

While Australia struggles to sell any wine into China, the French are further strengthening ties with the Asian nation and hoping to further emphasise the quality of their wines.

The Universal Wine Museum, a huge project between the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux and Chinese investors, is scheduled to open its doors in Beijing in 2024, Chinese wine website Vino Joy reports.

The museum (rendering above) will span 18,000 m² and will be the second-largest wine museum in the world upon completion.

Designed specifically for Chinese sensibilities, the museum will not be a “replica” of its Bordeaux prototype, says Philippe Massol, general manager of Cité du Vin, but “adapted for Chinese culture”.

“The two establishments are gateways to discovering that wine is a cultural product, but it won’t be a copy-paste," says Massol.

The layout and design of the museum, created by Ateliers Adeline Rispal will be less technical and easier to access, in accordance with Chinese visitors’ viewing habits.

The project will be unveiled amid China’s growing interest for French wines particularly after the de facto exit of Australian wines from the market.

Demand for premium French wines led by Bordeaux and Burgundy is fuelling the country’s high-end wine consumption.

Vino Joy says the museum will feature a vast space for wine tasting and retail, with over offerings from around the world. The museum will also include a 450-seat auditorium for wine lectures and education.

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