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Friday 23 September 2022

Japan throws open its doors to tourists

It has been a long wait, but Japan is finally ready to open its doors to visitors.

Japanese officials said this week that most independent tourists will once be allowed to visit without restrictions from October 11.

All eligible travellers will be able to travel throughout Japan with traveller caps and visa requirements imposed during the Covid period to be eliminated. This ends more than two years of closed borders.

Visitors will no longer need to book all flights and accommodation through a travel agent.

To be allowed entry, visitors will still need to prove their triple vaccination status and submit a negative Covid test result to enter, the BBC reported.

Which means you can once again dress up like I did (above) and pretend to be Japanese - probably to the bemusement of the locals.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the announcement was an historic one for Japan, which has always counted on the flow of people across its borders as a key ingredient for economic success.

“We are a nation that has flourished through the free flow of people, goods and capital," he said. ". Covid-19 interrupted all of these benefits but from October 11 Japan will relax border control measures to be on par with the United States.” he said.

Japan has allowed overseas visitors since June, but they had to be part of group tours.

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