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Saturday 3 September 2022

Bombs away! Old explosives remain a danger

On my recent trip to Italy I saw several notices at railways stations advising that Bolzano Station in the Alto Adige was to be closed for a day so that recently discovered munitions from World War II could be removed from near to the tracks.

A bomb (above) had apparently lain undisturbed for three-quarters of a century.

The American-made aircraft bomb was discovered on the site of a tunnel under construction.

Over 4000 people were evacuated as the bomb was disarmed and removed by Army experts.

There was a similar occurrence this week in Norfolk, England.

Guests and staff of a hotel were evacuated after an unexploded bomb was found close by.

The bomb was discovered in a field opposite the Manor Hotel in Blakeney.

A bomb disposal team and emergency services were called out and the device was made safe by bomb disposal experts.

The hotel and surrounding areas were off-limits for several hours.

It was described as an ‘old’ device by local residents who suggest it may have been dislodged when a drainage ditch was dug a few years ago.

Scary hey? But all is well that ends well. 

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