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Monday 26 September 2022

Good news for lovers of Champagne

The news from the 2022 vintage is all good for lovers of Champagne.

The last grapes have been picked, the pressing centres have delivered their final musts and fermentation is under way,

The Champagne harvest that started on August 20 for the earliest-ripening crus is now complete and despite the summer drought, some well-timed rain ultimately produced good conditions for ripening the grapes.

The year 2022 has been described as a “solar” Champagne vintage, yielding substantial volumes, with a quick and easy winegrowing season and "perfectly healthy" grapes.

Winegrowers and Champagne Houses are delighted.

Quantity was variable from sector to sector, but has proved sufficient everywhere to meet the 12,000kg/ha available volume set for the year.

Winegrowers’ president Maxime Toubart said: “Thanks to a bountiful, high-quality harvest and with the exceptional permission of the INAO (governing body for protected designations of origin), winegrowers have been able to rebuild reserves that were substantially depleted by the 2021 winegrowing year.”

Champagne Houses president David Chatillon said the 2022 harvest was most fortunate, given “market demand is strong (up 9% at the end of August compared to the previous year) following on the already remarkable figures for 2021.

"The profession remains optimistic for the future, despite the uncertain economic climate. The fine grapes harvested this year are set to make great wines that will surely satisfy the expectations of consumers.”

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