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Thursday 25 March 2021

Virgin scraps free "snacks" and gouges flyers

Virgin Australia has scrapped free snacks in economy class domestic flights as of today - not that most customers will notice. 

Executive Traveller reported that Virgin believes economy passengers will happily trade free snacks and drinks for lower airfares. 

On all flights from today, Virgin will require economy class flyers to pay for everything apart from water, tea and coffee.

The withdrawal of snacks is no loss as the tiny 50-gram packets of biscuits or pretzels were an insult to the intelligence of their customers, rarely comprising more than a mouthful or two. 

Virgin Australia's new in-flight economy menu doesn't miss when it comes to prices with $9 for a Great Northern Super Crisp Lager, $12 for a small bottle of Grant Burge wine, $5 for a KitKat, or a ludicrous $7.50 for a pot noodle dish. 

The airline promises more items will be introduced "later in the year when travel demand is expected to resume to near pre-Covid levels."

Until then, buy some sustenance pre-flight, or go hungry. 

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