East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Combine wine tasting with an indigenous cultural journey

Gemtree Wines in McLaren Vale has partnered with Senior Cultural Custodian Karl Winda Telfer of Yellaka to share Tirkandi – an inspiring journey of Culture, Connection and Country.

Karl is a senior man from the Mullawirra Meyunna (dry forest people/family clan) which is known today as the Kaurna nation from the Adelaide region.

He is a designer, artist, educator and co-founder of Yellaka - "Old Wisdom - New Ways", an initiative to keep young people strong in culture and identity, through cultural teachings and learnings.

Through small group events taking place from March to October 2021, Karl will share his knowledge and heritage within the idyllic setting of the Gemtree Eco-Trail, set among native gumtrees and wildlife.

The one-kilometre trail reveals the unique and diverse habitat that has evolved through a regenerative commitment to the land by Gemtree owners, Melissa and Mike Brown.

The Tirkandi experience continues in the Tasting Room, where guests can sample some of the finest Gemtree wines.

All Gemtree wines are certified organic and biodynamic. To book, click HERE.

Discover more at www.ultimatewineryexperiences.com.au

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