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Monday 29 March 2021

How to bring gender stereotyping to your reveal party

Gender reveal parties are all the rage, I am assured. 

Expectant parents hold a party at which they reveal whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. The parties are often themed pink for a girl, blue for a boy and bright purple or green for a non-binary baby. 

Leading Champagne House Maison Pommery has now released mini bottles of bubbly designed for these parties. 

The POP It’s a boy, POP It’s a girl range has been launched across Australia with the piccolo bottles containing 200ml of Champagne with a traditional cork and wire cage. 

The drinks are designed to enable parents and their friends to "pop" and toast their happy news. 

POP is billed as the first Champagne range blended to be consumed directly from the bottle or with a straw.

POP It’s a girl! is, as you'd expect, a rosé Champagne, with POP It’s a boy! a more macho brut style. Gender stereotyping at its finest. 

The bottles have an RRP of $30.

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