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Monday 3 August 2020

Hobart loses another leading eatery

You leave town for a few days and...

Hobart diners have been dealt another blow with the closure of popular venue Ettie's following on the heels of the decision to shut Franklin's doors.

Ettie's - hugely popular with wine lovers - was a bistro that championed Tasmanian local produce in the lovely surrounds of one of Hobart’s oldest buildings.

It was opened in 2016 by Willing Brothers Wine Merchants' co-owners Carl Windsor and James Kingston.

"The last few months have been like nothing our industry has ever experienced before," the pair said on social media.

"We were all forced to shut down for an extended period of time and whilst the government are doing their best to help our industry to recover some venues will never again hear the chink of glasses, the pops of cork or the laughter of customers enjoying a night out."

The pair added: "This was not a decision which was made lightly after weighing up all the costs of reopening, the reliance on the tourism market, the risk of another shut down, we didn’t have the confidence that a venue the size of Ettie’s could make it through the next 12 months and successfully trade into the 'new normal'."

The owners closed their accounts with food and wine suppliers and said they would look for a new venue in the future, where the Ettie's brand could be re-established post Covid-19.

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