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Friday 21 August 2020

Cullen Wines is now "carbon positive"

Cullen Wines in Margaret River has been officially recognised as “carbon negative” - meaning it sequesters more carbon than it produces. 

After 16 years of hard work, the target has been achieved thanks to the efforts of managing director Vanya Cullen, vineyard manager Matt Dermody and team. 

Cullen Wines’ carbon offset program was initially set up and managed internally by production manager Trevor Kent, who handed the task over to his successor Andy Barrett-Lennard in 2018. 

Cullen has measured its gross carbon footprint annually through the Carbon Neutral organisation - and the level of carbon in the soils on the Cullen vineyards has been trending up over the last five years.

The carbon increase that has been witnessed in the vineyard soils combined with the carbon offsetting has essentially taken Cullen Wines from being carbon neutral, to "carbon negative". 

The biodynamic soil and plant health program that is being implemented at Cullen Wines has been increasing the carbon content of the soil. 

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