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Wednesday 19 August 2020

Butter producer spreads an important message

Leading Australian butter producer Pepe Saya is the driving force behind Aussie Artisan Week, which is running until Sunday and encouraging Australians to consciously choose to support and purchase Australian-made products, buying direct from artisans where they can.

The campaign aims to raise awareness regarding the benefits of shopping locally. 

Aussie Artisan Week hopes to introduce Australian consumers to a range of quality products and the pluses of choosing local products: because of taste and quality, but also because they are, in turn, supporting farmers and small businesses. 

Over the past four months Pepe Saya have had to transform their business after both their on-premise and direct to consumer sales dropped dramatically with the forced closure of restaurants and growers markets in line with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Through that time they have seen an increase in Australians coming to their website directly to purchase their range, which include Australian cultured butter, buttermilk and ghee, as well as specialty butters ranging from maple butter - the perfect pancake-topper, to their newest addition - a nduja butter. 

Saya created these newer products to be able to continue to grow their direct-to-consumer sales throughout the pandemic, alongside gift packs that saw the brand partner with and support other Aussie artisans such as Crumpets by Merna, Olsson’s sea salt, Yarra Valley caviar, LouiseM Studio Ceramics, Block 11 Organics and Ovvio Organics tea.

“We’ve been incredibly appreciative of all our customers who have supported us by buying Pepe Saya through our online store over the past four months.” says butter maker and co-founder Pierre Issa. 

“We’ve realised that Australians do value Australian-made, and we want to continue to share how many amazing options there are out there from dairy to meat, fresh veg and even homewares. 

"Plus, why it’s better all-around when you buy small and buy local. The product comes to you fresh, the process is more sustainable, and the money you spend goes directly back into the Australian economy.

“I hope we see this change in behaviour not just for the week, but ongoing," says Pepe Saya CEO and co-founder Melissa Altman. 

During this week Pepe Saya asks Australians to shop locally and share their artisan-made purchases using the hashtag #AussieArtisanWeek.

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