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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Wine times are changing out west

These are complicated times in the wine business in Western Australia.

Nick Stacy (above), creator of Perth-based Vinaceous Wines back in 2007, issued a statement today saying he has separated from the business and resigned as partner and managing director.

Vinaceous Wines will continue operations under the present partnership group which includes winemakers Michael Kerrigan and Gavin Berry.

Kerrigan is the part-owner and winemaker at Hay Shed Hill in Margaret River, which was last week put on the market. The sale will include the property, the brand and the business.

Stacy said the time has come to begin a new wine adventures, along with wife, Trudy, and he will strike out on his own under the Clandestine Vineyards label.

“After thirteen years at the helm of Vinaceous Wines, I’m ready to explore new pursuits in wine; as such, I’m thrilled to announce that Trudy and I have acquired the Reverend V and Clandestine Vineyards brands as part of this mutual separation," he said.

"This will provide us with new opportunities to create and collaborate with new winemakers across both Western Australia and South Australia with a focus on single vineyard sites within key regions.”

The first Clandestine releases under new management will hit the shops next month: a 2020 Clandestine Vineyards Pinot Grigio from Woodside, Adelaide Hills, and a 2020 Clandestine Vineyards Tempranillo Rose from Geographe, Western Australia.

One issue. There is already a company called Clandestine Wines in the Napa Valley - although it is apparently a wine club and not in competition. 

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