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Sunday 27 August 2017

Why you should check your Telstra bill very carefully

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I travel a lot. Travel overseas a lot, too. 

One thing I always do is make sure my data roaming is turned off on my mobile phone when I take off from Australia. 

So I did that as usual for our recent trip to Thailand via Singapore. 

Except data roaming was apparently not switched off. Iphone fault? Telstra fault? No idea. 

But when my Telstra bill for July 21-August 20 arrived today, I had been billed $53 for data usage in Singapore (when I was using the very fast wifi in the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Lounge) and a further $13 in Thailand (mostly in multiple amounts of 3c and 5c). 

I asked for help from Telstra on Twitter, where "Chris" gave me a number to call. I've just hung up on that number after waiting over 40 minutes for a response. 

Some advice: 

# Check your Telstra bill very carefully. 

# Make sure you are not billed for services you have not used. This also happened to me once before. 

# Put aside an hour or two of your own valuable time if you want to challenge these incompetent charlatans who cannot even answer their own phone. 


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