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Sunday 27 August 2017

A nifty gadget that's worth its weight for travellers

As someone who writes about travel, wine and food, I get offered the opportunity to try a wide range of gadgets and innovations. 

Few of them are as simple, or as useful, as the Energizer Vision LED Headlights.

While very few of us want to carry a torch around on our travels, these nifty mini versions of the old miners' helmet lamp are well worth tucking into a suitcase. 

Light as a feather, they are an ideal solution for any jobs that demand the use of both hands – whether that be while camping, trying to find a power point under a hotel bed, or in the case of a power failure (not unusual in destinations like Africa and South America). 

Designed with leading-edge LED optics and focusing technology (so the press release says), the head torches do their job. 

There are several versions, depending on how hard-core you want to go, ranging from $19.99 upwards.

I'd say these would be very useful for cyclists or on outdoor activities
 such as camping, fishing, hiking or caving, or simply putting in the chickens on a dark night. All have shatter-proof lenses, 50-hours run time and adjustable non-slip head straps. 

It would also be good news for anyone in a dark wine cellar, or trying to read without disturbing others. 

A pretty good idea for a Father's Day present. I'm not sending my sample back! 

Energizer Vision Headlights are available in leading hardware, grocery and outdoor retailers. For further information visit  

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