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Friday 10 November 2023

Yalumba’s Y Series range heads lo

Yalumba’s popular and affordable Y Series range is taking the lo road. 

Hill Smith Family Wines announced today that the minimal intervention, Vegan-friendly wines from South Australia will feature two lighter wines made with almost half the alcohol of the regular range.

In response to the evolving preferences of wine enthusiasts and the growing trend of moderating alcohol intake, Y Series has launched a chardonnay and a pinot grigio that are lighter in alcohol.

“Wine remains the drink of choice for connection, taste and celebration and we believe that wine lovers should have a lighter option that aligns with their lifestyle choices," said Tahnee Bishop, Y Series brand manager.

“Recent research shows that wine drinkers will often alternate between no, low and full-strength alcohol in the same occasion.

“This means they are in control and can moderate the effects of alcohol, making the most of social events.”

Y Series senior winemaker Heather Fraser is similarly enthusiastic. 

“They represent a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy exceptional wines with a lighter alcohol profile and lower calories, yet still true to their varietal flavours.

“We source the grapes from sustainably managed vineyards in the premium wine growing regions of South Australia, with the wines officially certified through Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.”

The new Y Series Lighter Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio each have 7% alcohol, as opposed to their full-strength counterparts at 12 to 13%. 

Y Series Lighter Chardonnay and Y Series Lighter Pinot Grigio are available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS for RRP $16. 

I first tasted the PG - impressively varietal, light on its feet and enjoyable. I would not immediately have picked it as 7%. 

The Chardonnay, unfortunately, did not work for me. It tasted very much like a wine diluted with water. More work remains to be done.  

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