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Thursday 16 November 2023

Seasoned salts shake up cocktails - and meals

There are salts, and there are salts.

Australia’s oldest family-owned and -operated salt producer, Olsson’s, recently launched a new product line: Cocktail Salts.

The two blends, Native Citrus Cocktail Salt and Smokin’ Chilli Cocktail Salt, are designed primarily for cocktail drinkers, bur also have a secondary gourmet use.

The Olsson family has been making sea salt products since 1954 with a range that includes Sea Salt Crystals and Flakes, Red Gum Smoked Salt, Sea Salt Rub, Truffle Salts and more.

The two new cocktail salts are their first products related to beverages.

“At Olsson's, we are proud to offer a wide range of pristine sea salt products that showcase the natural beauty and flavour of Australia," says director Alexandra Olsson.

"We believe that salt plays a crucial role in elevating the flavours of cocktails, so are excited to introduce our new product line of cocktail salts. 

"These unique blends are designed to take people’s at-home cocktail experience to the next level by adding a new dimension of taste and aroma.”

Native Citrus Cocktail Salt (RRP $15) is a blend of Australian sea salt flakes, pink plum powder, and tangy lemon myrtle.

Smokin’ Chilli Cocktail Salt (RRP $15) is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a heat kick in their cocktails.

This blend features Australian sea salt flakes that have been smoked on red dum for 72 hours, resulting in a rich and smoky flavour. This is then combined with chilli to add a seriously spicy kick.

Pair both with classic cocktails like margaritas or bloody marys, or even in a sangria mix.

The good news, however, is that they are also a very handy addition in the kitchen. 

Try adding the Smokin' Chill to a juicy steak for a new flavour element, or season the crackling on your pork roast with the Native Citrus blend.

The products are available through a range of retailers across Australia, including specialty food stores, supermarkets, and online vendors. See

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