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Monday 13 November 2023

Why attention to detail matters in hospitality

Attention to detail matters.

Everyone makes spelling mistakes. But that's why hotels, bars and restaurants need to proofread and double-check their menus and wine lists before putting them online or printing them.

Nothing says "we are slapdash and unprofessional" like a menu dotted with spelling errors.

Like one that is being sent around right now - and was sent me by a wine professional.

The one that spells pomegranate as pomagrante; prawns as prawnes and macadamia as makadamia. It goes on. coriander is corriander.

Oh, the same list displays a total lack of knowledge of compound adjectives. So no dashes in free range pork, or hibachi charred eggplant.

This isn't a corner cafĂ©, either. It is a restaurant in a major international hotel in state capital city. The F&B manager - if the hotel has one - should hang their head in shame. If someone has English as a second, or third, language, it is up to the business to help them out.  

But this property is not alone. Wine lists are often full of errors. Spelling, regions, vintages are all often wrong. Misplaced apostrophes are commonplace.

Another plague is random capitalisation without rhyme or reason.

Oh, and sending emails that contain falsehoods about former employees.

This one this morning: x x x "has gone on an antisemitic tirade".

In fact, the former employee had been protesting Israeli war crimes, which is completely different to blanket anti-semitism. The former employee could well sue about false information being spread about him.

So language matters. A lot.

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