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Thursday 23 November 2023

New releases pay tribute to Margaret River pioneer

Looking for a truly special chardonnay, or two?

This week saw the release of the 2022 Kevin John Legacy Full Moon Fruit Day Chardonnay and the 2022 Kevin John Legacy Flower Day from Cullen Wines in Margaret River.

The wines were unveiled on what would have been the 101st birthday or Margaret River wine prioneer Kevin John Cullen, father of current winemaker and guardian of his legacy Vanya Cullen.

“The story of the Kevin John Legacy Chardonnays was born with biodynamics and the observations that different, unique extraordinary wines were made around the biodynamic calendar; planets influence the wines," Vanya Cullen says.

The first wine in the series was made in 2013, Moon Opposite Saturn, flower day harvest, flower day barrel, with wines harvested on the biodynamic flower day. barrels made on every aspect of the biodynamic flower day, harvest of trees, cutting of staves, and making the barrel.

"We made comparisons in 2014 with the same wine with a fruit day barrel, and flower day barrel, and explored the comparisons of Moon opposite Saturn harvest and flower days," Vanya Cullen says.

"All different and uniquely alluring in their own individual ways. Since then we have made 2016 fruit day, 2020 fruit day, 2021 fruit day and flower day, and now we release these truly artisanal 2022 duo of wines.

"These artisanal wines are a point in time of harvest. Each year we do not know whether there is a wine worthy of being that and it comes down to harvest and the timing of wine and the planets."

The wines will cost you $350 a bottle, but are made in minuscule quantities.

I enjoyed the elegance and purity of the Flower Day wine tonight. Tomorrow might be a different story with the fuller Fruit Day wine coming to the fore.

Vanya says: "I found the wines opened up after a few days of opening." So I'm trying that right now.


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