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Monday 6 November 2023

So many lessons to be learned about wine tourism

Wine Tourism is a boom industry around the globe. 

South Africa, Argentina and the US are among the nations leading the way, while many Australian operators still lag behind. 

UN World Tourism Organisation will hold a global conference on wine tourism in La Rioja, Spain, from November 22-24. I wonder how many Australian operators will be in attendance? 

The event will feature diverse industry players around data, governance, innovation, sustainability, and skills and is being co-organised by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Government of La Rioja and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain. 

The focus will be on the pivotal role of this sector in promoting rural development, sustainable practices, and regional regeneration against the backdrop of a landscape where tradition converges with technology. 

The conference will aim to shine a light on the seamless integration of wine tourism with the evolving preferences of tourists. 

The program will address innovative digital tools and the exploration of new strategies to amplify outreach via social media platforms, reaching larger audiences and increasing visitor flow. 

A lot to learn here for operators who find it too difficult to re-Tweet, or re-post on Facebook. 

The conference will also underscore the importance of identifying and fostering skills development to enhance expertise, knowledge, and service quality, as a precursor to crafting a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive wine tourism industry. 

Also under the microscope: how data can play a significant role in shaping wine tourism. 

Attendees will explore the mapping of existing metrics and methodologies to quantify wine tourism to create common frameworks. 

Nurturing sustainability and rural development for the future will also be discussed, while destination managers and experts will showcase sustainable practices that embrace the principles of the circular economy. 

There will also be sessions that will explore the fusion of wine with gastronomy, art and culture, its synergies with communication, branding, technology, events, and sustainability. 


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