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Friday 10 November 2023

Beckham bends it for coffee drinkers

Another celebrity endorsement.

This time it is David Beckham telling me what coffee I should be drinking.

Am I likely to take coffee advice from a footballer? About as likely as I am to take beer advice from an underwear model.

But companies regularly splash out hundreds of thousands of dollars on deal like these, so someone must be paying attention.

This week's headline: "Nespresso partners with David Beckham to Make Everyday Moments Unforgettable".

OK. the former Manchester United and England star is now a Nespresso brand ambassador.

Now the co-owner of MLS team Inter Miami CF, and a long-term UNICEF ambassador, the press release assures me he is "long-time lover of coffee".

Anna Lundstrom, CEO for Nespresso in the UK and Republic of Ireland, said: “David Beckham has always had an unforgettable style, taste and passion for creating elevated experiences which are many of the qualities of Nespresso."

She draws a very long bow.

"We are delighted to be working with David to showcase his genuine love for the nation's (that means the UK) favourite drink and his journey of coffee discovery, as well as showing how even the routine coffee moments; with family, with friends, and ourselves, can make every day even more meaningful.”

OK. This is pretty dreadful. I hope they send me some bloody coffee.

“I’ve always loved Nespresso coffee," says Beckham. "Whether I am having a quiet moment at home with my family or preparing myself for a business meeting, the variety of blends is great, it’s so simple to make and every cup tastes incredible.”

That's enough.

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