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Thursday 17 March 2022

Thousands of bottles of fake Penfolds wines seized

Police in China's eastern Jiangsu province have foiled a fake wine production ring and seized over 8,000 bottles of counterfeit Penfolds wine purportedly worth over $2 million. 

Although China’s crushing tariffs on Australia’s most famous wine brand have halted most exports, fake bottles are still being sold, Chinese website Vino Joy reports. 

The fake wine manufacturing and selling network was discovered after a customer reported a suspicious Penfolds Bin 407 bought from an online shop for RMB 699 ($150). 

The customer noted its “poor taste” and the price disparity of the same wine sold through official channels, which are considerably more expensive. 

The police investigation discovered that the wine’s packaging, logo and workmanship were  inconsistent with Penfolds products, and that Penfolds did not authorise the online shop to produce or sell goods with the Penfolds registered trademark.

It is believed close to $20 million worth of fake Penfolds wines have been sold through the online shop and its associated wine shops across China, Vino Joy reported.

The raid revealed that the ring has been producing counterfeit wines and spirits that go beyond Penfolds and include Hennessy and Martell cognacs and China’s own Great Wall wine.

A total of six suspects were arrested on site and over 8,000 bottles of semi-finished and bottled fake wines were seized, as well as other packaging, capsules etc.

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