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Monday 14 March 2022

Beer brand to launch an island paradise

Have you ever enjoyed a quiet Corona beer or two? 

Well, how about spending some time on Corona's own island? 

Corona Island is described as "a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean", where architecture blends in with the natural landscape. 

Visits to the island are currently open only to residents of the Americas and South Africa, but stay tuned. 

The island is a partnership with non-profit organisation Oceanic Global to ensure Corona Island operates with a minimal environmental footprint. 

Corona Island is working to achieve Oceanic Global's Blue Standard to verify the Island's efforts to eliminate single-use plastics and adopt responsible practices that work in harmony with the natural world.

"Corona Island personifies the brand's purpose of reconnecting with nature and we're thrilled to partner with our new global ambassadors to bring this to life," said Felipe Ambra, global vice president for the Mexican-based brewery.  

"With their expertise, our Island programming will be an incredibly immersive experience that will have deep connections to nature and celebrate the island's beautiful habitat and organic surroundings."

the island's guest guest bungalows will feature sustainable and locally-sourced materials.

"In line with Corona being brewed with 100% natural ingredients, the Island's structures are thoughtfully designed to complement and blend in with its natural surroundings, whether it's the sea, beach, flora and fauna," said Mauricio Galeano Escobar, chief architect for Corona Island. 

"Our approach honours our collective, deep relationship with nature, inviting guests to stop, breathe and listen to the beautiful world around them and celebrate the natural environment."

The sustainable culinary program for Corona Island will be led by chef Christopher Carpentier.

In addition to design and cuisine, Corona Island's guest experience will focus on workshops and excursions that immerse guests in sustainable living, says the beer brand's press release. 

Experiences will range from snorkelling excursions to mangrove planting. 

Corona distributors in 11 countries around the world are running local promotions that unlock an all-expenses paid trip to the island - and additional opportunities will be announced in the coming months.

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