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Friday 11 March 2022

When being polite might help save a life


Hi guys with the big black and grey caravan. You guys who keep hitting your brakes. 

Welcome to our part of the world. 

Hello ladies in the shiny Britz campervan. 

Hope you enjoy yourselves. 

There is so much to enjoy around here that it is not surprising you choose to drive at 60kph in a 100kph zone. 

Those black swans by the river are unusual; the pademelons in the paddock adorable. 

So we all understand if you want to take your time, chill out and enjoy the views. 

Just a word in your ears, however. 

The roads are around here are narrow and overtaking lanes are rarer than gold nuggets in the river.

If I could be so bold, could I please ask that you take a look, every now and then, in your rear view mirror. 

If there are half a dozen or more cars backed up behind you, you might want to consider pulling over into one of the many suitable spots along this 20km stretch of road. 

The locals generally pull over for faster moving vehicles: people with places to go; things to do.

It only takes a second or two to let the faster traffic pass. And, after all, you are on holiday and in no hurry. 

The thing is that some of the locals are a bit impatient. They might choose to overtake in a dangerous spot. 

So your consideration would be very much appreciated. 

Image: Alesandro Catiglioni on Scopio 

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