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Saturday 19 March 2022

Australian workers beware: logistics company under fire

DP World is a United Arab Emirates multinational logistics company based in Dubai.

It specialises in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services and free trade zones.

In Australia it operates container terminals at DP World Brisbane, DP World Fremantle, DP World Melbourne, and DP World Sydney.

So what?

Well, DP World is also involved in the travel industry and is under fire for its unconscionable behaviour in the UK this week.

Ministers and trade unions have condemned P&O Ferries mass sacking of 800 British seafarers to replace them with scab labour as shameful and “completely unacceptable”, The Guardian reported.

P&O Ferries’ services could be suspended for up to 10 days, disrupting its cross-Channel and Irish Sea routes, after the operator sacked its entire British seafaring staff without notice.

Workers learned the news of their redundancy via a pre-recorded video message.

Staff were told by P&O to disembark passengers and freight before being sent a video message telling them P&O “vessels will be primarily crewed by a third-party crew provider … Your final day of employment is today.”

Scumbag behaviour.

Long-serving crew were removed from ships by security guards in Dover, Kent, and in Larne, near Belfast.

Replacement agency workers (who should hang their heads in shame) had already boarded some vessels in Dover on Thursday afternoon.

Legal experts have raised questions about whether employment laws had been breached. - bit clearly  union workers will plan to black ban the company and its Dubai owners.

“The way these workers were informed was completely unacceptable," said a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "Clearly the way that this was communicated to staff was not right and we have made that clear.”

But Johnson, like Australia's own Prime Minister for Promises, is renowned for talking a lot but doing very little.

The RMT union’s general secretary, Mick Lynch, said his organisation was seeking urgent legal action over “one of the most shameful acts in the history of British industrial relations”.

DP World is owned by Dubai’s sovereign wealth fund.

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