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Wednesday 16 March 2022

No staff: no problem. They do things differently in New Zealand

Right around the globe, the media is full of stories about war, pandemics, murders, corruption, frauds and assault.

In New Zealand, however, they do things a little differently.

In the city of Christchurch, all the locals want to do is take out a book from the Turanga library (above).

Even if it is a public holiday and the library is officially closed for the day.

The thing is, someone forgot to program the electric doors for the Waitangi Day holiday on February 6, so they swung open as usual.

There were no staff in attendance but the good people of Christchurch just used the automatic book check-out system.

Other folks went in, browsed books and newspapers and walked out as normal - some 147 books were checked out that day, Crikey reports.

The voracious readers walked past a collection of artwork and sculptures as they went in and out of the library, but absolutely nothing was stolen or vandalised.

A library staff member at Christchurch City Council said 380 people came into the Turanga building that Sunday morning.

“Our self-issue machines automatically started up and 147 books were issued by customers," The Guardian reported. 

"No book-theft alarms went off, and at this stage nothing has been reported missing, nor have we spotted any damage."

The council only cottoned on to the fact the library was open after seeing some social media chatter about the flourishing honesty system, and a security guard was eventually sent in to usher out the unwanted bibliophiles.

The system failure is being investigated. Slowly.

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